Beach Tennis Caolinas

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Well, it’s time for another Round Robin Adult Tennis League to get started in Kernersville. Women play Monday evenings at Fourth of July Park and the Men play on Tuesday evenings. I will post the standings as they come in week to week to keep everyone that is interested updated. If you have any questions, comments or ideas about the tennis program in Kernersville, please contact Marcus Luke at mluketennis@gmail.com. Thanks and good luck. 

Women’s Schedule/Monday Night

Week 1 May 23
Jackie Allred VS. Heather Fullerton
Tatiana Alarcon VS. Kimber Bowman
Jan Hampton VS. Gretta Evans
Week 2 May 30
Tatiana Alarcon VS. Jan Hampton
Kimber Bowman VS. Heather Fullerton
Jackie Allred VS. Gretta Evans
Week 3 June 6
Kimber Bowman VS. Jan Hampton
Jackie Allred VS. Tatiana Alarcon
Heather Fullerton VS. Gretta Evans
Week 4 June 13
Jan Hampton VS. Heather Fullerton
Gretta Evans VS. Tatiana Alarcon
Kimber Bowman VS. Jackie Allred
Week 5 June 20
Gretta Evans VS. Kimber Bowman
Heather Fullerton VS. Tatiana Alarcon
Jan Hampton VS. Jackie Allred
Tournament times TBA

Men’s League/Tuesday Night

Week 1 May 24
Dave Yeager vs. John Worley
Dale Ring vs. Asher Allen
Tony ? Bye
Week 2 May 31
Asher Allen vs. Dave Yeager
John Worley vs. Tony ?
Dale Ring-Bye
Week 3 June 7
Tony ? vs. Asher Allen
Dave Yeager vs. Dale Ring
John Worley-Bye
Week 4 June 14
Dale Ring vs. Tony ?
Asher Allen vs. John Worley
Dave Yeager-Bye
Week 5 June 21
John Worley vs. Dale Ring
Tony ? vs. Dave Yeager
Asher Allen-Bye

Tournament times TBA

Welcome to MLT.

Welcome to the Official Blog of Marcus Luke Tennis. Over the next few months there will be big things happening to the Tennis Community in Kernersville NC and the local Triad area. Plans are to really develop the tennis program to make it available to EVERYONE. We will be hosting clinics, camps, Tournaments, festivals, all geared towards introducing the community to the great game of tennis. We will focus on skill building, getting people in shape cardio vascularly, weight loss and so much more.

Tennis is a great game that is easy to learn and can be played your entire life. Please keep an eye out for more things to come very soon. If you have any questions please e-mail me at mluketennis@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you all!! Take care.